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October 14, 2010


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Do not despair. You must always believe and compassion and love will come full circle. The universe has heard your cries and will answer you. It is a beautiful haiku showing that nature too has compassion for those less fortunate. We have seen this with the rescue of the miners in Chile, and we will see it again for your friends in Mexico.


Dear Rebecca,
I have made a major appeal for your journey to San Miguel de Allende on Google Buzz. I am going to raise some money for you. The last time I did this, it was for a woman I barely knew who suddenly homeless with a little girl. We raised 200.00 in one night and some of it came from Portugal! So don't worry. I have faith!


Yes, may we simply choose peace.


So perceptive, wise and elegantly put.
What concerns us most is often trivial and the true nature of the universe passes us by. Often until it is too late.

Know what? I look forward all week to doing the Haiku post. I love taking a picture for it and thinking up the words. Thank you so much for your continued patience in hosting.


Wise words.
I choose peace, but remain astonished by the awful things that we humans do to one another.

I wish you a happy haiku Friday, Boonie

Scarlet Ily

Fantastic! "Beautiful Sadness" is a lovely beginning to this haiku, which reminds us of the end of a season, and your message is a great reminder to seek the best in each other...siempre. We are all more alike than different. :)


I have resigned myself to accept that Peace is where we make it, yet I too despair over the world situation. And you are correct, with your beautiful Haiku, we should pay attention to what happens in the measured cycle of life, the Seasons, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon and the Star Nation. Follow this lead and Peace is there, not in man's creations but in the Higher Power.

Peace to all


Your words are beautiful in its description of sadness. They do give hope.


such wisdom in this. May we all choose peace.


Lovely and poignant... melancholy, as well as hope, accompanies each change of season.


Even as we live - we die.

Sue fox

I've chosen peace, let's share!

As always your words astound me, thank you for sharing your gift. x

Kim Mailhot

Startled, yes, but I remain hopeful. As I witness ruin, decay and ugliness, I also see hopeful hearts shining, connecting, celebrating LOVE...
Thank you for shining your beautiful heart, Rebecca !
One Big Love !

Ms. Moon

Well, darling rebecca- I am a beautiful mess this morning and can relate quite clearly to that beautiful haiku of yours.
Mine today is a silly one, tucked into a blog post.
I love you.


Out of the ash, rises a new and hopeful beginning. As the hymn goes, let peace begin with me.

Beautiful and heart-rending.



As in the original garden. We still suffer the pain of the choices made then. But hope never fails...


Beautiful Rebecca!

ms pie

it is good to pause and ponder at both sides of life... both are included in the deal... as always i love to come and visit... haiku my heart capture

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