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October 07, 2010


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Your simply elegant haiku speaks volumes in few words.

EG Wow

Cleverly thought out and written!


I'm glad your quiet day was perfect for you. Your haiku is quietly perfect, too.


I love your haiku - Eloquent and clever.
And I love this Haiku My Heart Friday. Great fun! Thanks for putting it together for everyone.

All the best, Boonie

Someone Is Special

Mine is up..

--Someone Is Special--

Someone Is Special

Lovely Haiku rebecca.. Romantic too..
You are invited for Room for Romance..

--Someone Is Special--


I love this haiku, Rebecca! It's witty -- I've been feeling uninspired in the haiku realm these days and haven't participated, but I hope to soon!


A lovely and sensual image with a sweet and witty haiku. I love the hint of "naughtiness" behind the "tongue-tied" and "only 11 words past my lips" fabulous! Thank you for this beautiful haiku and for your gracious hosting of such a wonderful Friday experience.


I love the stillness and silence in your poem.

Scarlet Ily

What a vision of peace! Love the words and the image.

I could learn a lot from this haiku. ;)


Even tongue tied, you present us a beautiful image in words and pictures.



Hi Rebecca, lovely stillness and charm in your ku :)

Hope its ok that I linked two.. both are in separate blogs & platforms..

Sue Fox

Not many words are needed when each one counts so much, especially when a picture does the painting!

Thank you a million though!


Oh dear, Rebecca, I am dense this morning:
All I can think of is football/soccer :-)
Love the 'completely tongue-tied' phrase.

Ms. Moon

We should all take a vow of silence for a day now and then.
Love you, rebecca. I do.


i too am often tongue-tied! lovely haiku. Have I mentioned I love Fridays? You have created quite a wonderful thing here!


I am naturally tongue tied Rebecca and Haiku's have inspired me to emerge out of my silence.

Thank you for hosting such a beautiful space where I open up and speak 17 syllables.

Loved your Haiku very much and you will see me here as a regular


I'm new to Haiku my Heart but not to Haiku - have been collecting and writing it for many years. Thanks for the opportunity to share! xoxo


oh, how i have missed it here...your image, divine, your words? immeasurable...what a way to start the day...thank you, miss rebecca, for adding such open mouthed beauty

Kim Mailhot

11 perfect words. Happy Friday, Lovely Rebecca.


Here's to perfect peace on this Friday! How profound!!! I love it, Rebecca!


Peace in abundance - beautiful. Sometimes silence is such a precious gift.



Appreciating the power of silence, the potency.


Yes, a haiku of exactly 11 words, you are a clever goose!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

i LOVE quiet days! Have a oxooxoxo week-end dear one!



ms pie

talking is often overrated where the sound of nothing speaks loudest... and a whisper of i want you echoes... the art is a treasure... so glad to have found yr prompt, i look forward to talking and reading of love all the day long...


Hi Rebecca,
I've been away from my system for a couple of days, and moderation was on, hence your comments hadn't appeared! Both are published, friend! :)

Melanie Bishop

Rebecca,I hope I posted this right. Just love your Haiku and the freedom t create without a prompt. Wonderful!


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