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September 30, 2010


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Fabulous! Fabuloso! I will return again and again to look at these creations, especially the Los Dios creations as I love them so.
I can't say enoughg about how much I am impressed!



Ola Rebecca! ¬°Adoro cada arte del trozo de papel que usted comparte! Adore each and every
Here's to and exciting and fun Filled Paper sharing Day!




i am here, missy,
with my paper love!


do come see
what i have recently learned.

thanks so much for inviting me
to your walkabout, rebecca,
thanks most
for letting me confess
my passion for paper.

{{ phew!

it feels so good
to come out of the paper-hoarding closet. }}


I think I was supposed to participate in this walkabout with a bit about the video that I am going to make, but, alas, I have an engagement to go to a ball.

These paper constructions are marvelous! I'm loving the word "marvelous" these days.


I can't wait for the adventure to begin! Beautiful post, by the way!


Hi Rebecca -
I love the paper characters and party flags .....

I've posted my oil spill quilt with recycled teabags

kim andersen

Hi Rebecca -
(My other self here)

I've posted something about the 1.5 million butterflies being collected for the butterfly effect

enjoying the walkabout :)

elizabeth bunsen

oh Rebecca
this is so fabulous!!!
love Love LOVE
it all...

my link above will go directly
to the paper play retreat
but for more fun - go here:

thanks so much
sorry to be late
I was at the dentist
but today
was all paper play...

xox - eb.


I love your paper passion Rebecca! And the way your passions surpass one another-I have a lot of sympathy with that one! I love all these creations and cannot wait to follow all of your links! I am putting togethre a little fluttery kind of paper post at the moment too. x

deb @ talk at the table

snuck something in for you rebecca... it's just note

love to you.

deb taylor

I am linking to my favorite journal making art retreat I hosted here at mi casa...come sit a spell!


Good evening my friend! You see, you are never alone! You are so very loved and we all remembered! Better late than never. I have my post(a surprise) and I have to say that yours is "fan"tastic!! I love the calaveras and the paper is so beautiful it makes my heart throb. You are the queen of color, culture and humor. You make us all smile and motivate us to be more and more creative. I think that this is one of your most beautiful posts! so vivid and varied. I love it!


Oh FUN! I love everything that you've created (did you make the skeletons?) and shown here (and thank you for posting my Catrina here). I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate as I was off roadtripping in Quebec at the time. But I'm going to look at each and every link you have here. You really are FUN, Rebecca!

I'm really excited for you and your upcoming trip. I hope you go again in the next year or two because I'd love to go with you!

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