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September 26, 2010


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For you dear Rebecca, to honor your lovely post, so lovely that words cannot express,to honor Maestra Frida and to honor the love, pain and joy that went into the making of this, her glorious shrine. We are all so very grateful for your presence among us.
The following is one poem of a collection of 52 written in the voice of your beloved Frida, after each of her paintings. It was just published in May of this year. You may know it.

Petit's collection, exploring the way trauma hurts an artist into creation, celebrates the rebarbative energy with which Kahlo redeemed pain and transformed it into paint." Ruth Padel The Guardian 12 June 2010

The Little Deer

Little deer, I’ve stuffed all the world’s diseases inside you.
Your veins are thorns

and the good cells are lost in the deep dark woods
of your organs.

As for your spine, those cirrus-thin vertebrae
evaporate when the sun comes out.

Little deer too delicate for daylight,
your coat of hailstones is an icepack on my fever.

Are you thirsty?
Rest your muzzle against the wardrobe mirror

and drink my reflection –
the room pools and rivers about us

but no one comes
to stop my bed from sliding down your throat.
--Pascale Petit (written for frida's 'Little Deer' Painting).



I love your Frieda Kahlo adaptation! The embellishments are great!


I knew this was Frieda Kahlo, an amazing artist and obviously your mentor... I never heard of a shrine box. And I love your presentation. I read your poem over at Spadoman's and just had to come visit you! :)


Thanks for the comment about Ruby Tuesday!!! I had a look at some of the posts. Definitely something for me!!!!


Love the moths! and everything else... but mostly the moths!

Ms. Moon

Layers of beauty upon layers of beauty and the pain thereof.
And I will go where you tell me to.


What a beautiful shrine and post Rebecca! I will visit your friends.


I will visit them both, after I savor the photos and your words...


Will sure love to visit them. Beautiful.


I knew vaguely of Frida Kahlo, but your art made me search further this morning. I didn't realize she suffered so many health problems, but obviously her art reflects this. As does yours here. The thorns tracing their pattern of blood about her throat, yet not preventing the bursting forth of art and life from the mind and heart.


BEautiful shrine Rebecca and thank you for the introduction to Pascale. Noelle, as always, delivers magic with her words and images.



As a complete Fridaphile, I must say that I love your shrine and the photographs. Beautiful- just like she was.
Also wanted to let you know that my random number generator made you the winner of my blog giveaway! I was very happy about that:-) I hope to finish my pendants this week, and will be mailing them early next week. Just send me an e-mail with your details.
Much love - Caya Papaya (Deann)


Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today... I love this Frida box you have made. Sometimes I think our society has become Frida-junkies, but there is always new ways to interpret her amazing art!

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