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September 23, 2010


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Laughing! So. . . loudly. . .


Hahaha...! Sadly, I can relate to that whole bones working thing... ;)

Love the image, fabulous.


So wonderful to know the origin of this wonderfully satirical, colorful, imaginative and quite truthful artwork of yours. I shared your blogiversary post with a few people on google buzz. You are the talk of the town there. Everyone loves that blogpost. I talked you up and said that they would be lucky to follow a blog as wonderful as yours. Thanks for this funny and beautiful Fall post for Haiku My Heart!


Love the artwork and haiku. I particularly love the cool photographs on the wall- such nice details in this work! I am glad I made it to the party this week:-)


gruesome and scary
rattling all my bones today
will they really work?


My first time here!! Hello to all. Looking forward to write here often :) I see some friends here too..

Scarlet Ily

Hahaha... You have me laughing first thing in the morning, Mija. Thank you for brightening up my day with your haiku; it's fantastic! Nothing could go better with that old, married couple. :)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Hilarious, Rebecca! For some couples, I think, being reunited after death would be other than a heavenly thing. Hmm...


I love the article about Posada and his creation. Thanbks for that, and thankmyou for the artwork and haiku. Love this time of year and can't wait for the spirits to come and visit. I miss them. I'll ask them about their bones when I see them November 1st.



Love your haiku today.
I've published a haiku and linked to this page too - but I think that I've clicked on something wrong and so linked twice. Sorry.

All the best, Boonie


Love your fun entry - I have just posted mine, once again i appreciate being able to join your group.


i love the haiku heaven you have created here : ) I do enjoy Fridays and visiting all the haiku artists!

Ms. Moon

Every week I think when I read your haiku, "No, this is my favorite."
You have done it again.
Perfect captions.
La esposa pobre.

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler

Oh what a good giggle! I just love it!


very funny, and gorgeous artwork. thanks for encouraging us to join in the creativity


I love this post!!! True art in words and image. Happy Haiku Friday!:)

Uma Gowrishankar

Rebecca, this is just too good. All that you make a haiku do is amazing.

kim andersen

you have the other side of the pendulum swing from my haiku .... if they only knew all that is in store ;)

Deb D.

Interesting "skeletal" body language here with the wife slightly turned away..."an eternity of peace"


Love your haiku and you! You make it look easy, but that's because you have a special way with words and thoughts about life, a gift Rebecca.

SO cheers to you beautiful one!
AND happy weekend to come.
May this be your best one yet!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Here I am!!! Sorry, I've been too busy and my bones are all tired!! hehe(AND this laptop is WACKY!sLOW!) Thought of YOU often!!! WHOA! This pair of haikus take the cake SWEET Rebecca!! haha!!SoOOOOo FUNny and TRUE!!! phew! BLESS YOU and YOURS!!!xoxooxoxoXOXOOXOXOXOOXXOX


Very cool haiku...


i came here via jill, and oh, what absolute fun - i love haiku! too late to put a post up today, but maybe next week. bookmarking you now!

martha brown

I love this! I'm a bit behind in my haiku writing (well, in my blog posting, my art, my life... )but I hope to participate next week!

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