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September 16, 2010


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I, on the other hand, would be greatly inspired by love. . .

Magical Mystical Teacher

Aw, she needs to lighten up, dip that tortilla in a pot of frijoles, and savor the flavor of love mixed with masa harina and beans!


lol! I am AMuSED! So sorry I missed last week. I look forward to each Friday to visit each participant.

ps - I think I must make some tamales and tortillas this weekend!


Great photo and haiku.
I'm really enjoying "haiku my heart". Thanks for putting it together for us.

All the best, Boonie


Fabulosa Calavera! I love her hair and her dress! Holy fire! Goodness, sounds like judgment day. What a wild woman. I love the warmth of the kitchen, the pot on the stove with the red flame beneath, the crucifix, the wonderful stove that I wish I had. Beautiful Haiku! Thanks Rebecca. Such Artistry and humor.

Someone Is Special

Great Photo and Haiku..

Mine is up..

--Someone Is Special--


I am here! Sorry I missed last week. Love this image and the haiku. What a fun calavera and a wonderful stove for making tortillas!


Oh my god, all that you can do with a haiku! Love this Rebecca.

Scarlet Ily

I love the holy fire part, and the image is priceless, my friend. Very nice, Rebecca! :)


Hiya Rebecca,
She may be wearing a garment matching the kimono of the Japanese lady, but serenity is lacking :-)
I'd love to know what is behind your art work here.
Thanks for organizing something so cheery each week.


This is my second week to participate, and I am really enjoying setting the muse free on Friday mornings. Thank you so much for hosting this creative and fun poetry fest!:)


Oh, dear, I posted two links! One is the current week's haiku (#11) and, somehow, I managed to post last week's as well (#12). I must remember that Mr. Linky is sometimes slow!


As always, I love the Los Dios de Los Muertos artwork you post. I hope I can stop saying "someday" and visit and see all these beautiful works, and you, in person. I love the depiction of every day life, and the connection your haiku makes to that effect. With her display above her stove, she seems to always be in the holy fire.
Good to be back, thanks for your welcome home.



I have another entry for haiku my heart friday, thank you for hosting this every week.

deb taylor

it's good to be back in full fashion Haiku Love!!

EG Wow

Hehehe! My imagination is tickled by this one!

Ms. Moon

rebecca- That is my favorite of yours so far. An entire story in those three lines.
I don't have the whatever-it-takes today to do a haiku. I am sorry.
But I love you anyway.


Oh what a hoot! I love it and the pics as well


Just how love should strike!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Just wanted you to know that I participate in other haiku memes, but Haiku My Heart is my favorite. I look forward to Friday all week! (Why can't every day be Friday?)

Wiliam Charlebois

I absolutely love your picture and haiku!

ms pie

hello rebecca...following a rabbit's trail found yr blog and prompt... ohhh i so loved this... reminded me of my late great grandma i laughed so hard had tears coming outta my eyes... i have also enjoyed viewing yr blog art... renee


o i love this one! and what a way to fall


Hi! Lovely meme you have here :) Posted my first entry on my blog :)

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