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September 02, 2010


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Yes, "night wears out a longing heart."

May your heart and mine find joy in the morning.


Your second line "night wears out a longing heart" spoke to me as well. It made me think about how much I longed to have children... and how completely worn out I am every night! Will I ever sleep again? Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Rebecca, you always lift my spirits with your words of light and love.

As for that profile photo, it was a photo of me, taking a photo of my daughter on her graduation day. That's why I looked like I was seeing an angel... : )


Very beautiful indeed. Just as Autumn is beautiful, your words bring it to truth.


Uma Gowrishankar

Rebecca, such a soft and tender haiku...


oh, what a lovely haiku and photo - bringing autumn in. lovely, lovely, lovely.

Ms. Moon

Your picture makes me wonder if my datura will bloom before first frost this year.
What a perfect haiku! I love everything about it.
Mine this week is...different.

Brenda Seaholm Wampler

How beautiful! But autumn is a stranger to me, in Texas, lucky if the temps dip below 100 at this time of year!
Posted my Haiku, it is a homage to a very dear and mutual friend of ours, Deb!

Kim Mailhot

This night time photo of the sleeping beautiful is magnificent. Love your words...

Have a beautiful weekend, Rebecca !

Noelle Clearwater

It is a stunning photo of a magnificent sleeping bloom. The verse is lovely. It made my morning. Thank you so much.


beautiful....a feeling that is blowing coldly into our lives today...the weather an amazing process...hope you have a wonderful weekend..


This looks like fun. I might well join in soon.

All the best, Boonie


Really beautiful picture, Rebecca - and, of course, your words are always lovely. xoxo


What a beautiful flower and haiku...


I have been traveling again...but knew these wonderful haiku's would help grand me.

here here to marigold dreams!



No haiku for me this week, but I do so enjoy the walk along the path. Trying to read and post between the power blipping out.

This image is striking - stark contrast, so beautiful. And there's an almost melancholy feel to the verse... welcoming in gorgeous autumn but with a sad sigh for the passing summer... made all the more mysterious by night's hue.


Deb D.

Beautiful reminder of the next season to come!


What a beautiful moon blossom, Rebecca. I want you know how much I have come to look forward to Haiku My Heart every Friday. I read each poem and it's like a little prayer, a lovely time of meditation and communion with my sisters of the heart. I am often struck at how frequently themes and images are shared by the poets and artists here.


night whispers the balm
cool while still the fire purges
distant dreams heal me


deb taylor

Rebecca, I am a day late, but nonetheless full of Haiku Love. Come rest with me and refresh your seasonal longings.

abi monroe

Beautiful as always Rebecca ~ big hugs X

annell livingston

Your site is very beautiful! I'm glad I came by.

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