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August 05, 2010


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Yes summer is too short! Great haiku and that water looks so refreshing...

abi monroe

When you are used to English summers, which last one week, if you are lucky, the Texan summers are wonderfully long :O)
My Haiku is not with me this week... I tried, but it's just too hard to think :O)
I hope you are well Rebecca, and I hope AU is going well for you.


That photo is stunning, and yes, it hardly seems possible that summer is waning, that time keeps passing, that seconds, then minutes, then hours and days slip by.


I'm in denial. It's still hot out and I'm gonna keep thinking that summer will never end. (Although I'll be traveling up north this weekend and the night time temps might be in the 40's alomg the coast of the Great Lake Superior)
Great shot. I like how you stopped the action in mid air.

Peace to all.


Poised in mid-air for a refreshing plunge. It has been far too HOT here to consider that summer's end is in sight. Sigh.

Really great photo.

elizabeth bunsen

you move me to tears
each and every time and
I come back again...

and again
as we kiss the earth

xox - eb.


your son...falling like those crimson leaves

into the cool cool water.



My little living room is extremely hot- and your photo is so refreshing. It is amazing that summer is almost over- it feels like it barely begun. Life is moving a little too quickly as of late.
thank you for helping me to stay creative each week. Even if I don't make any art, I know I will at least write one haiku:-)
Much love...


Thanks for your haiku Rebecca, had a refreshing plunge in your poetry.

Ms. Moon

Shit. Rebecca- I just linked the wrong link. Can you delete that one and let me try again? Thank-you, dear.

Kim Mailhot

When my sisters and I would see one red or orange leaf fall in the middle of the summer, we would always say "It's a freak of nature !", trying to ignore the fact that the other colorful foliage would be joining it far too soon !
Thanks for the wonderful world of haiku love !

martha brown

Love the images that your words evoked!


wonder why the Mr LInky link goes to an old post and not today's??



Rebecca, beautiful picture and haiku....I just posted mine and hope you can view it without that awful message! If not, let me know and I'll send it directly to you in email format!

Hoping you are feeling well!! xoxo


So true Rebecca. Happy Friday!

noelle clearwater

I love the photo! The color of the water is aquamarine. It looks so refreshing. I love the metaphor of the leaf falling. He does look a bit like that in mid air. Beautiful haiku. It has not been hot where I live. We have hardly had summer at all. I did write one today and posted it tonight. I had a long day and was not able to publish it until this evening. Thanks and hope you are well Rebecca.


love this.
so true.
feels fall here tongiht.
and i haven't entered summer yet.
thinking of you.
love your haiku project!

deb taylor

SPLASH! I can feel the coolness against his ruby skin! ahhhhh.....

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