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August 12, 2010


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deb taylor

~red flames licking your lazy nights~...oh my! Enjoy each and every sacred moment...~inhale every last breath of love~


I love Loons - we're birds of a feather this week!!

Enjoy your trip to the place of 10,000 lakes!!


Brenda Seaholm Wampler

Was a bit behind! Shame! Posted for last week, and pre-posted for tomorrow afternoon!
Thanks again, just love this! Quick, easy and so rewarding. And not to mention, love looking at everyones! And you my dear, always have the BEST pics!

Kim Mailhot

This is a beautiful, beautiful summer post. The loon spreading its wings was a beautiful touch too.
Happy Friday !


Beautiful images! I wish you peaceful, starry nights and bright-blue days of love.


So many beautiful passages in this post... rhythmic, passionate, and visceral And those loons- with their polka dotted feathers... wonderful. Hope you have an amazing weekend.


Such a beautiful and haunting haiku Rebecca. Can't get over these: 'loss pierces me', 'inhaling this last breath of love'.


Lovely as always, Rebecca! And I hope your vacation is a restful one, free of anxiety and pain.


Good Morning, Rebecca! Thanks for inviting me to share in the fun.

Your poem is lovely and full of everything that is bittersweet about the last days of summer in a cool climate. And full of life's bittersweetness, as well. Then follows your elegant haiku, with the essence.

May you have a time of sweet respite and joy, there in your blue grey cabin on your Minnesota lake.

Ms. Moon

Every word perfectly spent and placed. Every one. But my favorites:
"while a million star punched pin pricks of light will dance through
the tin colander of life's mysteries."

Be at peace and comfort and may supreme joy find its way into your heart from the quietest moments.


What an exquisite blog. I'm here via Ms Moon and would love to offer a haiku but I'm not sure that I could do one justice just now. Still I'm pleased to have found this most beautiful offering here.


what a beautiful and heart wrenching post and photo! i have missed a few weeks of haiku. So happy to be back. Enjoy your respite.

noelle clearwater

Your post is heartbreakingly beautiful, worthy of being sung by one of the romantic poets. I love your haiku about the loon, it is so deeply connected to the heartbeat of the world. Thank you.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

GOD SPEED my Darling
YOU are a treasure, your smile
Delights Everyone!


Lovely Loons and haiku...

abi monroe

Such beautiful images. Um, I missed Friday! where was I?

Hope you are well my friend.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Are YOU ok dear one?!!! I saw a segment on my Weather Channel this morning there are storms in Minnesota around Lakeville?!! HOPE YOU are safe and sound! WISH I could surprise YOU and knock at that screen door!! hehe

martha brown

Have a lovely vacation -- I'll be camping in the north later this week!

kim andersen

best wishes for your last summer foray

I hope the loss which pierces becomes something you can keep all winter long in your heart


Hello Rebecca,
Hope you will enjoy going back to play with the loons, embrace the wild air and the pink buds!!!!!!!!!!! Where all that matters in the fresh air, family and NOW!!!!



meant IS the fresh air.
But by now, I think you know what I meant,mistake maker that I am!

deb @ talk at the table

oh, Rebecca.
you pierce me.

I love loons. love.

you honour life in such a way that leaves me breathless.
I am honoured to be in this space you create for us.
The space of holy.

I pray you can enjoy every minute of your vacation.


oo your in my neck of the woods, as they say...we are just north of minneapolis...hope you enjoy your stay...


As always beautiful!

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