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August 26, 2010


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You never, ever disappoint.

abi monroe

Lovely Rebecca! Happy haiku friday! Are are you? Have you had a rest this week? Big hugs x

Noelle Renee

Beautiful pure white flowers just beginning to open with the suns rays, capturing essential warmth and light for a day of floating on smooth silken water. Lovely pictures and haiku, Rebecca.


beautiful - as usual. I feel such a kinship to your voice. You always seem to use my favorite words...


Your photos and gorgeous words never stop!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Water skimmers everywhere know what you mean...

Scarlet Ily

Beautiful image and I love the haiku. Makes me want to swim and then FLY!


lovely, simply lovely. That moment of stillness before blooming.




This takes me back to my childhood and solitary rowing on a little spring-fed pond ... thanks for stirring sweet memories in me this morning.


So lovely, Rebecca...xoxo


I love the way your haiku this week makes me feel the movement described. Beautiful as ever!
I have joined in this week as a small felt mouse I just made and a small French book I just bought came together to inspire me!

Kim Mailhot

Beautiful and the water lilies are so lovely - I can almost smell their heady scent and feel the warm sun reflecting off the water.

(my far less poetic post is about wings too ! )
Happy Friday !

Ms. Moon

rebecca- your words tilt my world and always give me wings.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

AhhHHHH! to float like that holding a most delicate flower, Your Haiku brought me JOY,Joy JOY down in my heart, down in my heart to stay!

Uma Gowrishankar

Beautiful haiku Rebecca. With lotus at your feet walk on water - the Padma padha ...


Yes, Joy scattered like stars. So beautiful!



Beautiful... love the concept of the flat surface of the water tilting... very nice

Diana Frey

I'm just waiting for Prince Charming the frog to hop on one of those lilypads. Beautful photos,Rebecca, from a beautiful soul.


"I felt the tilt of the earth"...those words with that photo has me spinning tonight. They are so perfect together.


this has become my favorite blog visit, thank you...i love the canoe of joy...ride..


"joy scattered like stars..." You always move and inspire me, Rebecca. I love "Haiku My Heart" Fridays!

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