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August 19, 2010


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deb taylor

oh your words are like a breath of fresh cool air amid this hot Texas summer day!! Enjoy every final breath of that delicious lakeside paradise!


I love this word-picture of your time at the lake cabin. I hope your soul is being refreshed day by day. Blessings to you!


Magical haiku and image...


Yes, prayers do slip through in places, in moments like this. Lovely.


So sorry we didn't connect. I was close by, but it just didn't work out this time. I know you were in some cool temps on Sunday morning, did you get the rain Saturday night?
Your words tell the story very nicely. They are of the peace and natural feel of the Northland, probably what drew me to live up here in 1974 when I left my childhood home.

Peace and thoughts for safe travel.


magic...late summer magic



I love the idea of prayers slipping through places, like those thin, ethereal clouds. Beautiful haiku, Rebecca!


So beautifully written Rebecca, love the last two lines: purely divine.


so beautiful - peaceful - and spiritual. Living near a big city, the night sky is muddied with artificial light. Your picture makes me long for my native Texas.


how beautiful - magical - ahhhhh.

Ms. Moon

I hope your entire week has been this gorgeous.


honestly, you and i must be on the same wave...your image and haiku lines are magical...we are on the slippery, summer edge...hope you have a wonderful weekend..


At the request of Ms. Moon, I have linked here. Please forgive my title variation and lack of beautiful imagery as I meant it to be fun and not a sign of disrespect - and also why I hadn't intended to actually link up.

abi monroe

I made it :O)


So so SO beautiful - both image and verse sing to my soul. Thank you.


kim andersen

beautiful haiku .... I, too, am adding blankets to my dreams nightly .... no fire in the fireplace as of yet though.

noelle clearwater

What a rich and delicate haiku, silken and numinous in its depth and presence. The photo is so full of light and so heart opening. Just looking at it and thinking of you with family by a lake brings such a wealth of images to mind. Lovely, so lovely. Thank you for always being so generous with your poetic voice.

Scarlet Ily

Beautiful haiku...and inspirational, too! I posted a little something on my blog as well, not as beautiful (or inspirational) but a 17-syllable poem nevertheless. ;)


I just wanted you to know (however belatedly) that I have shared your words with others because they are unabashedly beautiful. As always.


hi Rebecca, first time here.. joining in :)

have linked and perused most of the haikus too.

martha brown

Oh, this is beautiful! -- I couldn't participate this week (I've been out of town)but I'm off to see what others have done!

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