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August 28, 2010


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Ms. Moon

Oh, Rebecca- can you feel that trace of brine coming from me? I know this feeling so well, the overcoming of our hearts and overflowing into silent tears, perfect moments, and yes, our souls have taken flight.


gorgeous and evocative --


oh wow rebecca, gorgeous writing, and photos and you. amazing. love those images, in the words, like becoming a single bird.

deb taylor

I can almost hear the dipping paddle, feel the strong lovebeat of your heart and taste those salty tears. Your story and photos cause my heart to swell.




The image of a silver the one wing, your husband the other.

you again weave the perfect tale.



i don't think i've read a more beautiful post in all of blogland...i have been in that place but could never have expressed it like are special and thank you for such a moving tribute to all that is my world here in the northland...


Where do I begin?

lying there under the lightening stars
it might have been loons
requiring me...
to lift my head above the extra covers of autumn's reproach.


i could not see his silver dipping arcs becoming wings,
dripping crystal water..

or with the stunning photo of the loons, their coloration perfectly rendered?

You amaze me with the power and perfection of your words.

noelle clearwater

This is a "Gossamer" tale, richly woven, a profound myth about the joining of two souls into one. "We threw off our separate dreams, dressed in a silver canoe,and together floated weightless on all that surrenders." (lovely) The two of you take on the body of the silver boat as if it were the body of the bird itself and the oars, each of you with one, transform into wings of pure, joyous flight. It is beautiful. Water is often a symbol of the unconscious and a symbol of life. You and your dear husband fly together as one. In one pure moment of joy, free of the body and the world you have left behind, you enter a magical numinous space and sacred tears are shed on downy feathers.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Thank YOU for letting us feel and heart your LOVE STORY! A book is waiting for YOU to write my darling!!!

deb @ talk at the table

see, this is why I wait to come here.
you wrap your self around others like warm sun
giving life, giving sacred.

and what you wrote to me,
I could never find the words to express my thanks, my tears, my bowed head.
I love you dear sweet beautiful Rebecca.

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