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July 11, 2010


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I'm intrigued.

I often think that this cyberuniverse is similar to the bohemian salons of old -- and while it would be wonderful to "see" and "meet" those with whom we share our lives, our stories, there is something very liberating about doing it virtually, too.


Dear Rebecca,
Do you know I am building a paper ship right now? So it's nice to see this photo on your site by Ann Wood. To know someone else has already thought the same thing.
I'm not too good with assessing instructions, but I think understand. We link a trail of inspiration for paper in Sept?

Hugs and super glad you got to teach your art yesterday!


Do you know Jenny Fillus?
She has a special affection for Mexico too. We met through SomepInkFlowers~


elizabeth...true confession,
paper is a primal love of mine.
just to share a theme and see the diversity of offerings in single post. i imagine it could be nothing less than intriguing.

constance..i have rewritten the post and hope it is clearer. it is really something we all do..research, journey, learn from the net and each other. i was stuck with the idea of how interesting it would be to share each others collections of such a common object as paper. mr. linky would be a way to collect all the posts in one place, to navigate the same topic which would be incredibly diverse just by the nature of our uniqueness.

it is the simple idea of a collection of artists sharing their individual post on september 1, with a shared theme, paper.

i did not know about your paper ship...
i am intrigued!

Noelle Clearwater

I like the idea very much. I am not an artist but a poet. Still, I love images and words and I enjoy your blog. thank you for all the beauty you offer here.


Thank you for bringing that phone book paper
dress here to see.


Paper. Did you sign the papers? Did you see the paper today? Are the papers ready yet? Hand me some paper and a pen. Wait, I don't have anything to write on. Wait, I don't have anything to write with.

There, I've started my September first post already. I'll go from here.

The idea of the vision quest caught me right away. I recently helped, by means of support, a freind who did a Vision Quest with the help of an Anishanabe (Ojibway) Elder we both know. My own vision quest was right after that as I crawled across the desert looking through the windshield of my van.

None of the projects I do use paper, but I will think hard and see if there is a connection, (I'm sure there is somewhere). I also know that I'll come across someone's projects that DO use paper as a theme or grand connection.

Might be interesting. Hope I have, (take), the time.



noelle and A....lovely to hear from someone who stops here on their "walkabout",
that until now has been part of the "silent"
visitors. if the love of paper encouraged you to come out of the shadows,then this post has been of good service! i too love the sure and use the link...there are 6 great shots worth viewing. noelle, i was especially intrigued to see how creatively a writer would approach this...

there is a wild side to you. now, can the love of paper bring that out???


Yes! Looks great Rebecca! Have you been to the Tail of the Yak? It's a cool shop!!

Karen Gerstenberger

This is a lovely idea. I like the way you described what we do here, and how we inspire one another. This is creative outlet, friendship, therapy, rejoicing, grief and news, all in one place (and in many places). I love what the web/net is doing for us.

Did you get my email? xoxo


♥♥♥ Oh I LoVe ♥♥♥ Oh how you make my heart glad. **blows kisses** Deb


how I love this post...the idea that this technology can connect us on a deep, tribal, instinctual level. A visionary quest, a walk about..

I have ALWAYS!, since discovering this blog world, felt that this is exactly what we do.

thank you for putting these thoughts and ideas into such beautiful context. Sept 1 written on my follow the paper trail.



it's been a while since I've had the chance to wander ... this sounds perfect! :)


I want to walk with you here...I already participated in Susanas Winged messenger project and it was wonderful.Pencil me in.

Ms. Moon

"Can you feel the enormity of this?"
I have papyrus growing in a pot on my front porch. I would grow ink if I could. And maybe I do in the form of beauty berries, in the form of pecan shell dye. My chickens would provide quills if need be.
I would like to to do this. Remind us.
I love your mind, rebecca. I do.

abi monroe

Oh wow... I love your finds. Whenever I see beautful things, I wish I had created it/owned it! LOL...

I am going to be first on the list for Haiku friday :O)

Thank you for being there Rebecca. Hope all is well.
BTW... love the name Biscuit... my little Beagle who passed away before I moved to the US had this name :O)

deb @ talk at the table

your mind boggles mine.

I will do this .
What an enchanted time this blog thing is giving us.


Oooh! Count me in, too, Rebecca! This is so up my paper trail alley right now and September 1st is a good date to work towards. And THANK YOU for the kind nod. You are such a generous soul!


What an exciting idea Rebecca-and if I do not join in I will certainly come to see what you all found. I have just looked at the Su Blackwell link and I really want to see that exhibition. I may try to get up there! I have visited Haworth and the Bronte's home and loved it, and that looks like a wonderful exhibition for that setting.


Hey there, Rebecca,

It's almost September 1st and I'm wondering if you will still be hosting Paper Trail...or have you moved it to September 30th? Please let me know as I'm all ready to post pics. :)

kim andersen

Hi Rebecca - this is amazing
I will have something on both my blogs tomorrow. A gulf oil spill quilt of watercolors, muslin and teabags ..... and my stamped butterflies for children of the holocaust. As usual, trying to connect my hands with my heart. Thank you for the invitation :)

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