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July 26, 2010


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Ms. Moon

You know, rebecca, every one of these red posts reminds me of a picture taken in Mexico. And for that, I thank you.

deb @ talk at the table


I love you so.

and I owe you a friday festival of haiku gratitude.
I haven't been home , in and out with soccer.

but I think of you always.

and will write and put a post to prepublish in case the week goes awry.

hugs to you ,
and I'll be back to catch up...

and you are right.
my husband saw what I didn't.


I will get to the heart of Mexico one of these days and see this for myself.


Magical Mystical Teacher

impossibly red
her lips, impossibly sad
her big brown doe-eyes

Cinda Rae Oliverio

O! How I WISH I could go through Analdo's door to such a world of BEAUTY!!! YOU lucky girly YOU!! Mary is thought provoking to the see-er too! Happy Rojo Tuesday!


She is calling you back! It will be wonderful. What a gorgeous Mother Mary she is too. I like Mary she is filled with grace.
Happy Ruby Tuesday. are you wearing your slippers?



Anado is a handsome devil and his work is bright and happy!!!!


So it's no surprise I met a woman who lives half the year in San Miguel de Allende. She says to ask you if you know of her, the white-haired, blue-eyed tango dancer. She says, yes, I must travel to San Miguel. (p.s. My Ruby Tuesday is another haiku. You've got me thinking in 17 syllable chunks.)


did i dream that i poured myself out into your comments last night?

i return to visit you and read that manifesto once again, and find it is gone...?

what a dream!

L. JonesMoore

Rebecca--I have longed to see San Miguel de allende--especially during Dia de los Muertos. Are you taking any people with you when you return this year? If you have room for more, let me know! I read your other post about being in bed, not feeling well. You are in my heart...


What a great pic as always, Just fantastic

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