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July 29, 2010


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elizabeth bunsen

you are my rock star
shining bright night after night
my love knows no bounds...

xox - eb.


Couldn't agree with eb more. Drinking deep from small cups - beautiful.
Thank you so much for birthing this fun place where I must practice creativity each Friday!
much love!

Magical Mystical Teacher

in this tiny cup—
a word or two steeped with care
to refresh the soul


This is so beautiful Rebecca. Indeed, haiku is drinking dreams from small cups.


I'm embarrassed to submit mine here among all these lovely haikus. Mine are seldom as bad as mine is today, but it is all in jest! Thank you for hosting as you have a very lovely space here!


Like the others, I like the small cups phrase. Think I'll make some tea this morning instead of coffee.



so lovely...small cups that warm your hands...the perfect amount...calls for a ceremony...thank you for hosting..i am really enjoying this

deb taylor

I am drinking you in deep today Rebecca, as my haiku heart is heavy and needs lifting. I will travel now to our other haiku compadres to visit their hearts. Thank you for weaving us all together every Friday. Somehow my weekdays become seamless when haikus are running thru my busy mind.


How lovely! That picture is beautiful too. I like the idea of haikus coming to us in dreams. Mine today came to me in a slightly less serene way!


Beautiful tea haiku... Two of my favorite things...

kim andersen

drinking deeply from small cups .... wonderful thought :)


What a perfect metaphor. Haiku is like a sip from a tiny cup that warms heart and soul. Just lovely.

No haiku for me today, alas, but I have come to anticipate and enjoy the exchange. Thank you.


Noelle Clearwater

This is very beautiful. It reminds me of Greg Mortensen's three cups of tea, the first cup is for strangers, the second for friends and the third for family in Afghanistan, so if you are given a third, you know that you are considered one of the clan. Beautiful picture. I have a haiku. i just have to publish.

Brenda Seaholm Wampler

I almost forgot to Haiku! Can't believe that, but as my head was spinning, the words just spilled out, and luckily had a pic to go with.
Thank you again, enjoying this so, and love all that you and others are sharing!

Ms. Moon

Next week, darling. I promise. I thought about it today but life, oh life...


I was with you all
holding haiku in my thoughts
soaring in the clouds


abi monroe

Lots of loveliness. Finally back online...shall go visit everyone...
Hope you have a blessed weekend :O)

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