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July 22, 2010


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abi monroe

Is it that time already Rebecca? where has the week gone?!!!
reminder to self: stay clear of google :O)


What a stunning photo! I'm not sure I can do Haiku My Heart Friday, but I'll do my best tomorrow!

Blessings to you, dear Rebecca.


That red line in the sky...stunning...

posted a bit early, now off to bed



Another beautiful haiku. It leaves me wanting to know so much more. I posted mine early:-)


Fabulous photos. The first is amazing. Love 'he becomes the sky' - just perfect.



Hi Rebecca. What a beautiful haiku - 'he becomes the sky' is stunning.


Fantastic photographs. The Haiku is beautiful. I need to know more, unless it is held in your own vault for safekeeping. Just beautiful all around.


Ms. Moon

In the first picture, it almost seems as if the red line is arising from behind him. Your words and those pictures capture the very essence of blue by showing us the red, as well. There are so many layers to this one. So much given in so few words.

Jill Berry

Here I am, again. Climbing out of stress to haiku is good. Very good.


what wonderful photos with the red rope line and splashes...beautiful haiku for a growing up son?...thanks for starting this haiku group! it's a wonderful idea...

deb taylor

becoming sky. oh my. I love Fridays

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Strands of light, connecting all of us and what a LIGHTBEAM he is!!!Let's reach for the sky together darling!

Brenda Seaholm Wampler

Love it! Must be the week for family.
Enjoy seeing everyone's pics and amazing words!


slept in late today
dreams still pulsing through my veins
writing flow comes now


That is really beautiful Rebecca-the way you have used the imagery from the photo to say so much.
Have a lovely weekend!

elizabeth bunsen

how to measure love?

I love you and your haiku

Friday is the best...

xox - eb.

deb @ talk at the table

oh, incredible.

and how you are able to put these feelings into words.
you inspire me so.

( I hope you don't mind all the little notes coming to you now, today. belated, but sincere. things are crazier than crazy here. 2 of my daughters leave in a week or so , busy getting organized, etc etc. I find solace and peace in reading and writing but find only snippets to do it in lately. It's all good. Life is all good. Long stretched out hours in the winter loom in the distance, coming at us all too quickly like everything seems to . I hope you feel stronger and stronger every resting moment. Love to you )


striking photo and heartfelt haiku. Lovely!

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