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July 24, 2010


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Sometimes sadness is too heavy a burden to bear and we don't know how to ask for help that would lighten the load.


A lovely remembrance for an obviously beautiful person. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and sorry that she didn't recognize her own value as, you said, she recognized that in others.


I am so sorry for the death of your friend. This is a lovely tribute to her. You have beautifully expressed your own feelings about what was not seen of her pain.

One of my dear friends (online) has shared about her beloved son's death by suicide, and your words made me think of both of them. Thank you for this deep reflection.

Noelle Clearwater

You carry your friend's heart and her memory in your own. Your love for her allows her spirit to continue. It is a painful loss and her sadness must have been great. The tragedy of her choice is transformed by the beauty of your tribute to her and allows us to value her as well. Thank you for a profound reflection.



This is a beautiful tribute...and this is very true that many, many of us struggle with this...the not knowing until it's too heavy life weighs.



Thank you.



I read, but have never written here before. Just wanted to say how much this has touched my heart. I've been dealing with the memory of my daughter who died five years ago this month, as well as the deaths of others in my life. Your words are both familiar and comforting. Thank you.

deb taylor

with gratitude and tremendous outpouring of love...thank you for posting such a lovely tribute...the photos tell a beautiful story, but your words weave them all together.

deb @ talk at the table

where to begin ,
to enter with gratitude and reverance into the sacred space.

I grieve for your loss, the loss of this beautiful woman to all who cared about her, those she cared about.

this post will stay with me forever.

elizabeth bunsen

sweet darling
as I scroll through your images
and your poignant words
bring me to my knees
open my heart
re-acquaint me with my soul

how can I thank you?

xox - eb.

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