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June 20, 2010


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elizabeth bunsen

yes, I will BE here
every Friday haiku
just for you my dear...

xox - eb.


I will try to remember this.

Magical Mystical Teacher

What???? I have to wait until the 25th??? I don't know if my heart can stand it!!!

deb @ talk at the table

You know, I've never tried this. For you... I will.


OK - I'm game, too!

Ms. Moon

This sounds like something I would love to do. I'll try. Thank you for inviting me.
Love you, dear.


Yes! Simplicity
To capture the world in words
I'll be back to play


abi monroe

Of course I'll be here Rebecca!! :O)


me too!!!


Like a clock
without time
I wait...

deb taylor

of course, Rebecca
My fingers will float your way
Each day, like Friday


I'm home safely. I'm in for the Haiku on Fridays when I'm able and have the time if that is okay with you.

Sounds like a fun time

It keeps my mind fully engaged

I'll be here with wings

Peace to all


Yes, I'd like to do this, Rebecca...See you next Friday! :)


Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your sweet comment-it was lovely to come home to! I shall see you here on Friday-at least to read if not to write!
Sarah :)


Rebecca I would love play!
What a splendid thought!!!

me Ann My Camera

This sounds lovely, but I missed the 25th already, But I'm so glad that my mother didn't
for it was my birth day!.. several decades ago, Until Friday next.

Brenda Seaholm Wampler

I am late...but I am here!


Hi -- I have no blog but my dear friend Kathy at 7 year old witch suggested I post my haiku from this morning to you. :)

Wisconsin summer.
Humidity cascades down,
Cooling us with rain.

And look at that, it's Friday. :)


Stephanie passed this link on to me. Can you (or someone) explain a bit further? First line two adjectives and a noun; second line two nouns and two action verb; last line two adjectives and a noun?


must the haiku be 5-7-5 ?

Peg Englishman

I apologize..........I linked back, but it was to a journal page with a haiku. Next time it will be a photograph. :)

Reading Pleasure

So happy to join you this Friday


I realized that I wanted to have my footprint on this page... that soon after this post, you would come find me... so I could be here. Now. I love you and Friday haiku my hearts... xo

Utpal Kant Mishra


It seems great and have linked my post for this week.

Utpal Kant Mishra

It seems great and have linked my post for this week.

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