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June 24, 2010


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elizabeth bunsen

in this pink silk gown

the moon is full and the rose

wears a velvet glove...

xox - eb.

Ms. Moon

I am hoping that
A haiku will come to me
In my dreams tonight.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm glad to be invited to participate in this new haiku meme, especially since Haiku Bones vanished from the blogosphere a few days ago. I'm having more than a little trouble with my server right now, so first this comment, then later the link to my contribution. Your site is mystical, enchanting. I'll be coming back again and again. Again, thank you!


I'm here. I tried. I'm anticipating this to be great fun.



OK - mine is now posted...

This will be fun!


Just changed my email on this account.


early morning light
made time to spend with you dear....
heading to the lake


abi monroe

Hi Rebecca... I will be there with one, jut got to learn how to do one! un-educated Brit is me!! later, after work, I'll be back :O)

jabblog uk

I love your painting. Peonies are such gorgeous, romantic flowers.
I've tried (I'm also trying, but that's another story ;-})

Jill Berry

I wrote this for you
Dear Rebecca, and for me
The ocean calls us


Between you and Ms. Moon, I couldn't resist! Thanks for the chance --

And I love yours --


Such a gentle and lovely haiku Rebecca!!
I really liked Steph's too!!

Happy weekend Senora!



your haiku is so fragrant and lovely:-)
I posted mine:-)
Thanks for such a fun task!
have a great day!

deb @ talk at the table

hope I'm not too late Rebecca.
I'm fed up and tired from just my little incident.

You humble me , truly.


oh, did i miss it? i am sorry, from the bottom of my heart.
all the words truly move me. love, it's all love.


Brenda Seaholm Wampler

Oh my, sounds like fun, here I go.....

Brenda Seaholm Wampler

Ops can you fix me, because I did Mister Linky twice.....what can I say....

Uma Gowrishankar

A beautiful exercise, made me stop a while and write this. Thank you.



come on over and look into the eyes of my beautiful mama.


abi monroe

Ok, I now know how to do one :O)
but it's now 2.47am, and I need to go to ma bed... so next week, I'll be first at your door Rebecca! just finished my fundraising blog... phew!
Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)


I have really enjoyed your Haiku day Rebecca, so thank you so much for inviting me!


Really enjoyed this Rebecca. Great idea. Hope it continues. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.



That was fun, Rebecca - looking forward to next Friday! xoxo


I have spent awhile wandering your blog! A delight for the senses!

Nearly all my posts have photos and haikus! Occasionally I break away to free verse and the scattering of traditional formats. All are accompanied by my photos. That is my trademark!

I was going to add my link here, but decided that it would be best to join this Friday 2nd July! See you then!


Hey Rebecca, Deb sent me over! See You Next Week!

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