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June 20, 2010


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Ms. Moon

I am on my porch where a storm is banging the sky like god's bowling pins but it's not as loud as the love in that post, and even this rain is not as beautiful as all of you are.

deb @ talk at the table

sometimes I stare at the comment box , thinking what to say?

such an honour to be wrapped in this too

and your spirit teaches mine.


wow -- he is awesome.


What a beautiful post, Rebecca....the pictures are wonderful next to your words. xoxo

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I spent Father's Day at the VA Nursing Home with dad, mom, my hubby, and our 3 children, then we stopped by a pig roast picnic at my daughter-in-law's daddys! I am tired today but the visits are treasures in my heart forever! Family and lots of LOVE, I see YOU have treasures in your heart too, this morning! (((((Rebecca and Family))))) ps. I LOVE your skirt!and the open fire oven!!!

elizabeth bunsen

I come to visit
the flames of love and spirit
lick me clean
I have looked into the eyes
of this sweet man
and I am ever so thankful...

happy father's day
to us all...

xox - eb.

deb taylor

what a beautiful family!! you are so amazing....I can't type enough, nor find the words always render me speechless....could that be true??


You are ALL so lucky to have one another!!
Happy late Father's Day to your buen marido!!
And you are such a cutie pie too, Rebecca!!

Hugs from afar!


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