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May 27, 2010


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I love your tree photos!
This is a great story. The rugs are fabulous. Off to have a better look. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. You have such a BIG heart.


oh, there's a bunny one!
love it.
Of course, my fave is 250 bucks! Fish and turtles. It's gorgeous. Love all the chicken/rooster designs. They are all fabulous. I want to hold one, rub my hand over it. What a great project. The web site is wonderful.
So you got to see these rugs and artists/people in person?


Thank you for the beautiful words, photos and the link. I am going to visit, now.


where did my comment go? oh dear... lost in the ethers, as i am after reading your post!


Oh my darling, what a trip this shall be! How I wish I could join you and to be able to have a long talk with these wonderful people. To learn their tale of courage and determination, to spread the word as you are doing it so people can see the face of their love for their children because in my heart I know that is the reason for them doing what they are doing. A better life, a better future. A better world it would be if everyone used love as a tool instead of weapons...sigh.

Getting up a little every day and knowing you have been here watching over me has been a blessing that I keep by my heart every day. I am sending you love wrapped in good thoughts to see you free from Monday and its eight hours ever again. I am holding your hand and never letting go.


I KNOW of these women!! It's yet ANOTHER reason that I would love to be able to make this trip.

women helping women help themselves...there is just nothing better

AND, of course, I adore the roosters. I will be donating money to you cause, you can bet on that...and I have not put the thought totally out of my head of joining you.


Cinda Rae Oliverio

Beauty Full rugs and more Beauty Full women!!! I'm taking a break from my scrubbing but I will email YOU later sweet woman for your address to try and win a WONDERFUL rug! HurraH for trips to the highlands of Mexico! Wish I could go!


These hand-made rughooks are wonderful, Rebecca. Can you email me the mailing address so I can join in the raffle? Thank you!


Yes. Please send me your address so that I can make a donation!

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