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May 16, 2010


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That is just impossibly beautiful. xoxo


you wrote this?
I am speechless.


first delphyne..thank you for always being here. looking in on me and leaving a part of yourself that always cares behind.

and deb..yes. i had to spill these words outside my heart. they were collecting like dark stones and needed tossing up into the light.

i had no sooner pushed the "save" button and i received word that the only other person anywhere near me battling life with this disease lost his battle. may he too find the light of peace.


I'm not sure that you got my last comment because I don't think I saved it and if you did not, I said that you write in the words of an angel and that I wished you healing from this terrible disease that takes your dancing away. Love and peace and wings of angels to you, dear Rebecca.


I do cry Rebecca for the beauty you bring this world in your art and powerful poetry...

much love,


Where most would choose to complain about what pain they are enduring you instead write the most beautiful poetic words. Sending you well wishes for some relief from your situation~so sorry to hear about your dear friend..

deb taylor

your bravery and honesty continue to inspire me,touch me and motivate me. Once again I am left breathless, and longing to reach thru this screen to touch you.


Rebecca. I'm so glad to meet with you here, again. I can't seem to have a conversation with you, without quoting at least a few of your soul-plumbing words.

Having just met you I can't presume to know what you have suffered/are suffering. I can only say that your words speak my life to me. And they speak Life. I understand the "cruel and invisible puzzle licking away at the edges of life."

I, too, have watched "those of you who bend, lift, run, dance, fly into the face of living without noticing your impossibly perfect cells." But you have gone before me, in your rejoicing in their "silver laughter" to "slay the losses." You inspire me to wield the sword of rejoicing.

And some day, behind the veil, behind the dark glass, we will " bend, lift, run, dance, fly " again, knowing fully, just as we have been fully known.


power and tenderness and beauty comes from your heart straight to mine....

i am speechless...

thank you for sharing your gift...


...lifting the weight of
winter from my tumultuous yielding heart... yes - he does!


"where i have not forgotten to sing..."
yes, you sing. beautiful

in the hush of the moon

i stack whole canvases

where life

offers me like a bright winged bird....

oh girl. this is gorgeous. breath-taking... you honor me by linking up.


Thank you for this staggeringly beautiful poem - so honest, so brave.

Your photographs are stunning. Is it stained glass? Did you create it?


stopped by from emily's, I am dazzled by your writing, gorgeous imagary

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