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April 16, 2010


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I've got the link on my blog and put it on FB earlier. I'll update FB as the auction starts. As a first time bidder, what is the process for making a bid? I'll check back later...xoxo

Maija Lepore

I am so excited to be a part of this Rebecca!!


An absolute honor to be a part of this wonderful venture! Thank you Rebecca for all your efforts and un-ending love for the small children of Oaxaca! I have announced it on my blog, too.


It's started! Whoo hoo! Thank you for putting this all together, Rebecca. All the shrines are amazing!


Each one of the shrines look fantastic:)Look at how your hard work and willingness to help these children has manifested itself!!I'm most impressed.
I'll be sure to get my post up sometime today. Should we use this link?

Thank you a hundred times Rebecca:)

Laurie Zuckerman

Rebecca, you are the most generous of souls. Thank you for pulling all of us disparate artists together for the good of the children in Oaxaca. It is my pleasure to be a part of this lovely community spirit.


Rebecca you are a lovely person! All the shrines are wonderful,amaizing works and full of Love.
It´s a pleasure for me to be part of this event and became to be a part of this spiritual and lovely comunity.


Rebecca, thank you! for all your hard work, your compassion and focus, and your creativity. Thanks for helping me so many times through my first contribution to this event. I'm so excited to view all the shrines and see the great success you foster every year for these worthy kids. Salud!


felicidades, rebecca.

may it be a wild success and may your prayers for the children ride on the swiftest of wings.

rachel whetzel

Very excited about this!! Thank you, Rebecca for coordinating this all.

L. JonesMoore

I am SO excited about this event, Rebecca! I have notified every one I know by blog, email, facebook, flickr and several Seattle area art groups! I wouldn't miss this again for the world! Count me in again next year...

deb taylor

the time has come. I have blogged, FaceBooked and emailed. LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!!


I have posted on my Facebook page and wrote about this wonderful event on my blog. I've registered to comment and bid and i am anticipating a fun week here at recuerdo mi corazon.


abi monroe

Hi Rebecca... I've blogged on several blogs, facebooked and emailed and hope that my 'British' entry isn't too British!


So glad the time has arrived! Thank you for putting this all together, Rebecca!
p.s. I'm so glad to be getting to know you, too!
xoxo lulu


Oh, good!

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