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March 20, 2010


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Oh Rebecca! You are so sly. I was not at all expecting that skull! And yet when I saw it in the mirror, my heart lept up and I thought, well, I thought, "Yes!" This is exactly what I needed at this exact exact moment. What a beautifully told resurrection, helpful, inspiring story. I love you. You have lifted me up.


this post made me smile for the first time all day. I can feel my face change shape. I can suddenly hear the windchimes outside.


And Happy Spring to you too!!!!
(I don't think I've moved too far out of that self centered stage yet!)


Oh what a journey we all go on. Sometimes it feels like we're on a roller coaster, hopefully strapped in snugly, but more or less along with the ride. To take what we're given and find the "diamonds in the rough," now that's something to aspire to. Did I tell you I'm going for a week of silence at the beach in about 10 days? I'll have to get my mosaicon shrine posted before then.



i repeat:


first of all, the most stunning, breath-taking, stops-me-in-my-tracks-and-reminds me-there-is-such-BEAUTY-in-this-world work of art, and second, because i too took the most sacred of all days and slated it for a doomed from the start wedding.

i'm still searching for a thousand pieces of my shattered heart.

but now i have your shining, humbling example to remind me there is hope.

your work is nothing short of perfect. thank you.

in this world


No Spring will ever come again without me giving it this face. Let the rest look at the Botticellis and Alma-Tadenas, I want this to be my image of Spring. Not as lovely as you are, but this is incredibly lovely.

I am dead myself, a long, fruitful but very tiresome day. Sweetpeas are planted, window boxes are planted, new seeds are nesting, the lemons are against the south wall in the upstairs patio and the Mason bees house is out and ready with the cocoons almost open and the flights will begin with the first sunny day. I am in bed with two bags of ice on my back and dreaming of you coming. Cannot wait. Love you.

elizabeth bunsen

your dance
has elegant
albeit complex
and yet
alarmingly simple steps
you teach
from a depth
that may seem
to be an abyss
to some
and alarmingly

loving all
of your fragments
and reflections
loving you...

xox - eb.


Rebecca - I am delighted to be back online and this post is one of the reasons why. It's just gorgeous - funny, poignant, wise. Thank you for posting it and Happy Vernal Equinox to you with love!

Margaret Lambert

There is little to add to all the well-spoken thoughts already posted, but as you know this is our Naw Ruz, the first day of our New Year. I have celebrated this day for 40 years as a day of spiritual renewal.
I loved the not-entirely-funny humor of this post and the marvelous skull which is reminiscent of the most beautiful sugar skulls.


oh my gosh, being a skull-ista, i just adore this spring mosaic skull. brava ragazza!

deb taylor

Oh Rebecca...I can FEEL the Spring in your step...this post is full of new life, hope and fresh Spring air!

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