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October 31, 2009


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So beautifully put, as always!!! & hooray for remembering, & those that help us do, & for for those who show us how to be helping while we you!!! precious days to you!!! Chenoa


What a beautiful post, these works are stunning. This must be the work you hung in the museum.

Take your time with the auction, we are here with upon me with anything.



Love it that we are taking the time and honoring all the sweet loved ones who contributed to our happiness and our now. Thanks for all that you do and for this lovely post. Be good to yourself!


that is a powerful quote. never heard it before and i really like it.
and your art work is wonderful
thank you for hosting this along with steph- i am honored to be part of it.


Some beautiful art here. My post is just a little photo montage of a more public celebration. But I wanted to put up something, even if I wasn't home to do something more personal this year.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

OMG! That last pic is me today!!! My oven refuses to come on today soOOOOOo there is a big pot on my stove with a roast cooking!!!and I LOOK and feel frazzled like her!
Yes, we MUST REMEMBER! I LOVE to remember! Beauty Full pictures, ALL of them!!Thank YOU! My eyes are at least content right now! LOL


Beautiful, beautiful post Rebecca.



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