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August 20, 2009


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The time as come
to begin the season
of remembering
and caring
and sharing

the button and link are up...
we will begin to spread the love



You can count me in Rebecca! I'll be sure to mention it several times on my blog up until the event:)

Leighanna Light

Yup, easy as pie!


Please count me in!
I am excited! yay!
Thank YOU, and Stephanie and Susanna!


dear carmen,

i welcome you with open arms!!! and how nice to meet you. your blog and work is beautiful!!! i look forward to discovering more about you.

may i post about you and add a few quotes from your blog or pictures just to help introduce you???

i will wait to hear from you on that.

thanks for for answering the call to make a difference in the lives of others!!!


please visit me at

Having been in Oaxaca last summer my heart went out to these little children. I would like very much to participate in the shrine making to benefit the children, but do not have a blog. I have a web page with my art but it but I'm not sure how many people see it. What do you suggest?
Thanks, Claudia

Pamela Sweet

I'd love to participate! I placed the logo on my blog and will talk about it this week.

Thank you for this opportunity!


welcome pamela!!!
thrilled to have you shrine with us.

please visit me at

Brenda Wampler

Okay, brain dead here finished her shrine, but don't know where to go to add it to the shrine gallery. So sorry to bother you! But help!
Thanks a million!


Count me in! I donned appropriate headgear and posted the information, accompanied by inspiring music on my blog early this morning.



you have lifted my heart with your enthusiasm.
"cuz I'm never gun a do it without my fez on...oh no..."
well.. I'll be singing this song and seeing YOU all day.
everyone will have to visit your blog to know why!

please visit me at


i'd love to join, what a wonderful opportunity!!! loveliest wishes


Hi. I'm preparing my shrine design, and I realized my choice of box to alter is not a cigar box. Is it best that I use a cigar box? I have some, if that's preferred.

Thank you!

Lisa DiNunzio

I hope I am not too late to join...I've been wanting to do this since last year when I found the auction.

Abi Monroe

Hi, not sure if you got my email, but I would love to take part.
Abi Monroe
[email protected]


Rebecca ... is it too late to commit?


Oh my, I only just discovered this... I'm too late to donate a shrine now. I put it on the calender for next year though... this is an awesome idea! I hope the auction goes well!

Christine Benjamin

Please let me know the next time you do this auction. I would love to participate.

Thank you,
Christine Benjamin

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