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July 03, 2009


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Rebecca, this dress is MAGNIFICENT ... i think it's brilliant.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

CELESTIAL, even the stars in the sky are shining brighter after Rebecca's creation for the women of Juarez!!!

Monica Magness

I clicked on the slideshow..

and literally gasped for breath as I took YOUR DRESS all in

In its gloriful state,

MESMERIZING puts it best! YOU..

you quite literally open my world UP to visions I've never yet imagined!

thank you.


this is divinely
so carefully thought out
exquisite detail

xox - eb.


Dear Rebecca,
Your dress especially touches me! Not only for your fine idea and details, but for the symbolism of a sanctuary, where one will find peace. There is peace and hope to be found in your work. That is how I feel looking at it.


OMG, Girl, That dress is off the hook! You are amazing!



Meri Arnett-Kremian

As always, you and your work are simply amazing. I am in awe of your creative genius. Thanks, Rebecca, for being you.

julie haymaker thompson

Maija posted this on her blog and she is right it is simply beautiful!!!I will check out the woman of Juareaz too.



Stunning..each detail so lovingly thought out, the heart encircling the entire dress...YOUR heart right in the center.



I am truly blown away. This is an amazing piece. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Lee Anne "Nikki"

Oh Rebecca.....the dress is beautiful!!!!......and your words...always a tear....and said so well. Thank you!

Monica Magness

I thought I should let you know..

MY MOM can't stop talking about your dress!

xo, monica :)

Laurie Zuckerman

I love this sculpture, Rebecca. Very delicate and beautifully executed. It photographs very well!

Kerin Gale

Hi Rebecca!

This is an amazing and breathtaking piece. It has such a presence and that really comes through. Very very special!!! So glad I was able to see this!!

I stopped by to say hello as I'm doing the Traveling Hearts project with you and I will be back soon.


I'm speachless... touching.


I'm stunner. I am so happy I followed Cinda's link to your site.

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