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July 23, 2009


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Deb Taylor

my fingers can not even begin to find a way to spell what I am I am wishing you wings of comfort.


Take my hand, that and my heartfelt sadness is all I have to offer with my friendship. Oh Rebecca, that one could only see through the veil in order to understand how a second can become an eternity...what would we do? I am here, desde lo profundo de mi corazon, lo siento, lo siento tanto.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I just got back 2 days, no, 3 ago!Wednesday! anyway. I am soOOOOoO sorry for your loss dear sweet girl! I will keep YOU all in my prayers dear sweet heart!Sending YOU love and prayers and a tight, very tight cyber HUGgggGGGGGG!(((((((((Rebecca***))))))))) I stopped to pick some flowers too for YOU! ps. I think I would be a tiny flower hidden by a sweet leaf! hehe


I am sitting in silence with you...for your loss. I have lost a friend and attended a beautiful memorial service last night...your words would have been a comfort to many.

I hope they are a comfort to you..


Lee Anne "Nikki"

Oh your beautiful words....I am so sorry..

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