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March 03, 2009


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hi rebecca
vanessa from Australia here! :)congratulations on getting the shrine auction off the ground. what a truly remarkable project! do you know if the auction company will allow international registration, so we abroad may try our luck at bidding and support this cause? i've tried but it seems maybe the auction is only open to US and Canadian bidders ? anyhow, know that my art students are tracking the auction and using the wonderful shrines your artists have created as inspiration for their own. the 'passing it on' phenomenon just keeps going 'round and 'round. still crossing my fingers for 'misty and mexico' later in the year but for me here in Oz, the state of the economy has changed everything......who knows what the future holds. we should never stop dreaming.
with love, support and admiration

Marylinn Kelly

An inspired project for a group that does touch our hearts. The shrines are full of humor, mystery, exotic flair. Robin Dudley-Howes' blog directed me here. Wishing you great success. Your kindness and passion ring through.


that mural really is quite inspirational. I'll be sure to get through all the student statements before too long. :)


Thank you so much for spotlighting youth art month and all the wonderful contributions here!!!

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