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February 18, 2009


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Rebecca, I'll have my post up shortly, but in the meantime ... the website requires a password to view the catalog ... could you please provide the password below the link?

thank you!


ps - can't wait to start some bidding!


I was unable to get my shrine in on time, but I want to link this to my blog. Will the auction be accessible on March 1 ?

Thanks for all your hard work!

elizabeth bunsen

beautiful Rebeca - Happy Hearts to you! - will be posting about this soon - thank you so much...

xox - eb.

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

Wonderful..I'll pass the word on!! What a beautiful winged heart:) I think someone else asked but will we all need pass words or once March 1st comes along will it be open to all and no need for one?



Yay, let the love flow!


wow there are some awesome shrines! i love the heart with wings too.


Christine's shrine is so wonderful, as are all of the shrines... what an amazing group of artists you pulled together for such a beautiful cause. ...and now the anticipation grows and grows..
the love you share just radiates to us all. thank you.
i will post about it soon, too! xo

Deb Taylor

muchas gracias for such a wonderful project and beautiful winged heart!! Your love is unmeasurable.

Meri Arnett-Kremian

I linked your site in my post today and also "borrowed" an image of Rosalba Lucero's "Mi Altar" to whet appetites. Hope that's okay.


thank you Rebecca, for your big beautiful heart! Here is the link to my post....

looking forward the the 1st.


Lori Anderson

Those are the most amazing things I've ever seen! Lovely, and such a beautiful message.

robin dudley-howes

Wow Rebecca thanks for letting me know. Of course I love the heart especially since you made it. I posted the auction on my blog and I'm so sorry you have problems leaving posts...I appreciate that you try!

Samantha Brightwell

This is such a beautiful project and the shrines are amazing .. I will have to come back and go through each individual one, as I can't decide which one I like best - I love the golden Mother Mary with all the tiny shells.

L. JonesMoore

I am so honored (and excited) to have found this online auction. I was in Oaxaca in 2007, and part of my heart is still there. Beautiful people, art, and souls there...I will link this to my blog. Please contact me to donate a shrine for next year!



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