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December 29, 2008


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In a town that is magical always, there is absolutely no better or more mystical time to be in San Miguel de Allende than during Semana Santa.

There are processions nearly every day of the week, each honoring a different stage in the last week of the life of Christ. But the real magic is on Good Friday. For the sunset procession, thousands of the citizens of San Miguel dress in black and walk in a solemn, completely silent procession carrying huge wooden litters bearing painted figures of the saints. The last figure is Christ in a huge gold rimmed glass coffin. I'm told it weighs over 2 tons and it takes 30 men (in black suits and white gloves) to carry it. It's so heavy they can't lift their feet but have to shuffle. Little girls in white precede the bier, strewing the streets with chamomile and other fragrant herbs. As the men pass in silence, you can here the "shush shush" of their slowly shuffling feet on the cobblestones and smell the rich cent of the herbs they crush as they pass. Lanterns spread pools of light and the feeling of awe and reverence is overpowering.

Anyone who can be in San Miguel at that time should grab the opportunity.

I have several pages and a lot of pictures of Semana Santa in SMA on my website if your readers would like to have a closer look.



how wonderful it would be if i could join you then... the perfect way to spend my birthday! will have to wait until later in the year... at least that is my hope, my dream.
Wishing you a very Happy New year! I hope we meet again in person soon dearest one.
much love, m

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