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November 10, 2008


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Shoshanah Jennings

i'd love to contribute! working on it right now...


hello dear one, i sent mine off to you yesterday. xoox


I will pack up a box and send it right off to you...what a heartening project.

and your post of Josseline is sad and potent, what wonderful organiziations you have highlighted.


Yoli Manzo

I would love to participate. May I copy and post this to my blog?



I learned about this from Yoli ... here's what I told her:

the timing is too perfect! I just came upon five cigar boxes this past week AND have been to Prescott Valley (actually driven through a number of times) when I lived in Phoenix ... all the signs are telling me to participate, so I am in. (I'll leave a comment on Rebecca's post, too).

Thanks! ~M~

Question - do we need to sing up somewhere else? or just send finished boxes to the address you listed?


I want to do this!

Du Buh Du Designs

What a fantastic idea! (I found you through 3rdeyemuses's site) I will see what I can come up with:)

Michelle Schafer

Count me in! This will be fun to participate in! Can't wait to see what everyone will be making!


I can't wait to start is there a deadline?

xox - eb.


ok - reading more carefully - Jan. 10 - got it!

such a wonderful event...

xox - eb.

yes a sign - read here

Yoli Manzo

ok girly, I am so tardy, and I hope you will still accept my contribution.

please e-mail me, it if still ok to send, and I will get it out in the mail, asap.

[email protected]

Thanks and again, so sorry for my tardiness.


I would love to participate in this. But I think the date has passed, if this comes around again I would like to be notified ~ Thanks
[email protected]

Balikbayan box

Wish i saw this earlier,but i think its not too late i also pack box and i send it right to you. You have a very helpful blog.



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