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June 21, 2008


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Guillermo Jenkins

My Dearest Rebecca,
You are off to a great start. Fantastico!!!!!!!!!
All my love to you on this first day of summer.
Your adoring esposo.

Rick Underwood

Your words beautifully capture the feeling of this morning. Appreciating the beauty in the world is one key that helps "open the door". I know you have lots to share with the world. I look forward to future posts. In Lovingkindness...


How beautiful and profound - You are such a marvelous poet. And I am honored that Our Lady of Peace is front and center. Looking forward to your next instalment! Happy first day of Summer.

Sheri Congdon

My dear Rebecca...

Your enchanted view of this earth walk and your words that summersault on to the page in a cadence and poetry translate so beautifully your very personal and yet universal experiences. I am ever charmed by your wordsmithing. Much love, Sheri

Maija Lepore

I am so excited for you! When I'm back on my blog, I will roll you out with a big splash!

Jen Gabaldon

Hello Rebecca! I am so glad to see you have a blog now! I met Maija at The Paper Studio, Mingled Elements class and she told me you had a new blog so I just had to come over and say Hello! I hope we meet up at the Art Nest again someday!
Jen Gabaldon

laurie of the brazilian wedding

Oh Rebecca,
how wonderful to hear from you through art and poetry.
I often think of you. Blind Faith is the name of our restaurant. Not after the band, but about walking through life...I am glad I am walking with you!!!! Love you. many kisses and hugs.


I finally enjoying an uninterrupted stretch of time to peruse your site.
You are such an incredible writer. And the art, it's all so incredible.
I can't find an about page, but still have more posts to savour , so keep learning bits and pieces of your life, your soul.
It is an honour that I know.

Hope you are feeling as beautiful as you see and give .

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