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In loving memory of Josseline Jamileth Hernandez Quinteros. Each shrine has been generously created and donated in the hopes of raising awareness and support for a brighter future for children everywhere. (Please note that there are multiple pages of shrines, click on the arrow at the bottom of each page to advance).

Sharon Cunningham "Memories"
Jorge Eagar-front closed
Jorge Eagar-front open
Jorge Eagar-back
Lisa Kaiser "Earth Mama"
Chaska Peacock-front open
Chaska Peacock-back
Harley DeGray
Dawn Elliott
Erno Bertalan  "Nueve Vidas con Espiritu"
Erno Bertalan-back  "Nueve Vidas con Espiritu"
Michael deMeng-front "Very Important"
Michael deMeng-open "Very Important"
Michael deMeng-back "Very Important"
Lynne Govinda Bridges-front
Lynne Govinda Bridges-back
Carol Wishnek-front
Carol Wishnek-front close up
Carol Wishnek-back
Melody McConaughy-front
Melody McConaughy-back
Joanna Maxwell-front closed "Hola Chica"
Joanna Maxwell-front open "Hola Chica"
Joanna Maxwell-top "Hola Chica"
Joanna Maxwell-right side "Hola Chica"
Joanna Maxwell-bottom "Hola Chica"
Joanna Maxwell-left side "Hola Chica"
Ruben Maqueda-front closed "El Corazon"
Ruben Maqueda-front open "El Corazon"
Ruben Maqueda-open close up "El Corazon"
Ruben Maqueda-back "El Corazon"
Karin Van Nieuwenhuizen-front closed "Love Forever"
Karin Van Nieuwenhuizen-front open "Love Forever"
Karin Van Nieuwenhuizen-front open left detail "Love Forever"
Karin Van Nieuwenhuizen-front open right detail "Love Forever"
Karin Van Nieuwenhuizen-back "Love Forever"
Rose Jackson-open
Rose Jackson-back
Shoshanah Jennings-front
Shoshanah Jennings-back
Shoshanah Jennings-bottom
Robin Dudley-Howes-front
Robin Dudley-Howes-back
Jill Berry1"Lifes Lessons"
Jill Berry2 "Lifes Lessons"
Jill Berry-front "Life Lessons"
Jill Berry-left "Life Lessons"
Jill Berry-right "Life Lessons"
Jill Berry-right close up "Life Lessons"
Jill Berry-page 1 "Life Lessons"
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