> cigar box shrine gallery

In loving memory of Josseline Jamileth Hernandez Quinteros. Each shrine has been generously created and donated in the hopes of raising awareness and support for a brighter future for children everywhere. (Please note that there are multiple pages of shrines, click on the arrow at the bottom of each page to advance).

Debbi McCullough-front closed-Josseline Jamileth
Debbi McCullough-front open-Josseline Jamileth
Debbi McCullough-front open close up-Josseline Jamileth
Debbi McCullough-back with picture- Josseline Jamileth
Debbi McCullough-back picture- Josseline Jamileth
Debbi McCullough-back text-Josseline Jamileth
Patricia Chapman-front "Are we Dead Yet"
Patricia Chapman-back "Are We Dead Yet"
Michael McMillen-front closed
Michael McMillen-front closed with inside plate removed
Michael McMillen-front open
Michael McMillen-left side
Michael McMillen-right side
Michael McMillen-top
Michael McMillen-back
Erin McMillen-front
Erin McMillen-open
Sarah Fishburn-front  "Una Vez Cuando Era Feliz"
Sarah Fishburn-open "Una Vez Cuando Era Feliz"
Sarah Fishburn-back "Una Vez Cuando Era Feliz"
Leighanna Light-front
Leighanna Light-back
Lylia Hagerty-front "La Abuela Roja"
Lylia Hagerty-top detail "La Abuela Roja"
Lylia Hagerty-back "La Abuela Roja"
Meri Arnett-Kremian-front "For the Kids"
Meri Arnett-Kremian-back "For the Kids"
Jeannie Mehl-front closed
Jeannie Mehl-front open
Barbe Saint John "Y Los Muertos Feliz Bailados"
Barbe Saint John "Y Los Muertos Feliz Bailados"
Lee Anne Ghilain-front closed "Soul Jewels"
Lee Anne Ghilain-front open "Soul Jewels"
Paula Scott-front closed
Paula Scott-front open
Emily Gabaldon-Green Shrine
Emily Gabaldon-back-Green Shrine
Emily Gabaldon-front-Orange Shrine
Emily Gabaldon-front open-Orange Shrine
Emily Gabaldon-back-Orange Shrine
Rosa Murillo-front "Mexico Exporta el Corazon"
Rosa Murillo-back "Mexico Exporta el Corazon"
Dorothy Ariens-front closed
Dorothy Ariens-front open
Dorothy Ariens-front curtain up
Dorothy Ariens-front right close up
Donna Engstrom-front closed "Shrine to the Art Goddess"
Donna Engstrom-open "Shrine to the Art Goddess"
Donna Engstrom-front open "Shrine to the Art Goddess"
Donna Engstrom-back "Shrine to the Art Goddess"