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August 18, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

The clouds appear to be on fire. A beautiful image. Have a great weekend.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Yes, the world can be rough, but haiku can always smooth the rough edges and give us peace. Happy to be here with you all once again!


If we keep waiting for each other, all will be well.


I have a favorite faerie tale from when I was a child and one of the princess's dresses was made from cloth that looked like the sky with clouds and sun... this would be it, wrapped in this beauty of fire and blue, where everything is held... I love what Mark says... if we keep waiting for each other, all sill be well. Yes. Let us do so and share these glimpses of beauty where ever we can. Thank you Rebecca. XO

Reading Pleasure

Beautiful. :-)


Thank you Rebecca, for the loan of your "too rough world" for my haiku today. Your page, your thoughts, are beautiful. I wish you peace. healing, and a happy heart. xo

Susan Fox

When I look towards the clouds, which l often do,( my mother used to say I always have my head in the clouds) there I'll be swinging alongside you! Wishing you a carefree breezy weekend dear...hugs x

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