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November 10, 2016


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I am so glad you are here and that you have set out a chair for each and every one of us... rocked to the core of my being am I. But I know with all the certainty of my entirety, that out of this vast rubble and ruin, from this clearly visible cancerous wound of our greed, entitlement, and inability to accept self and other, that new life arises. No gentle wake-up call is this, the roar is loud, piercing and reverberates throughout the entire universe. Nothing will ever be the same. And that dear Rebecca is a good thing, because I want the world you describe here built on love, respect, diversity, good will and an open heart. And I vow to join you and choose love. Always love.


For the first time in my life, I now know why I am here. Now. In this reality out of all other possible realities. XO❤️XO

artmusedog and carol

I so agree with you, Rebecca ~ it is so unbelievable what the people of this country have chosen ~ I know MA and myself chose what you chose ~ and find it very hard to accept the new President ~ have no respect of him ~ enough said ~ Your photo is lovely as well as your very appropriate haiku ~ Love will conquer ~ xox

Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

Lisa at Greenbow

I so appreciate the way you have expressed this feeling of despair, yet, a way to deal with it. Thank you for this chair.


Really happy you are back home safe and sound. I know you had a happy time. I saw all your IG posts Each was filled with the love of where you were.

We will heal and come together again. Somehow it will happen. I believe in all Americans and we all have a joined heart for one thing...our country.

What is happening and will happen in the future is destiny. We will watch it unfold, and rejoice when we can all hold hands again.

Thank you for this haiku sanctuary. xo


I choose love. I will continue to dance. The haters do not define me. I will try to be a better person to those who will suffer under this new future.


What is there now, but love?

Susan Fox

Now as Leonard said the light will shine even brighter through the crack, I was watching only last night an interview on TV, two spoke spokespersons for and against Trump, the black lady's message was so elegant, respectful and reassuring I was inspired whilst Trump's advocate was the opposite...All the good work of our predecessors will not be undone there will be paths around! Hugs x

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