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March 22, 2011


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What an amazing and beautiful letter! Thank you for sharing it Rebecca. It brought tears to my eyes-the sense of calm and the mentions of beauty and people's kindness. So lovely! x

Sue fox

My heart has never felt like this, reading these words, I feels so privileged to be among the recipients. This is surreal, it puts everything into perspective, what is truly important becomes crystal clear!

Thank you dear Rebecca for this,
loving you always,
Sue x


Yes I also received in my email. Thank you.

Allegra Smith

You know, I have been both depressed and baffled by those who said they didn't know how to help or the ones who said: "they will be alright". What some people seem to ignore is that human kindness no matter where it is, is all is needed to make things better. Maybe not alright, maybe not as comfortable, but knowing you are not fighting the good fight alone must make the soul create and sing a new hymn to life.

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My God Almighty! If we can't learn compassion from this letter, there is no hope at all for the human race. I so wish I could do more. It seems like I haven't done anything. Even the prayers seem selfish. This is such a beautiful letter and an outpouring of the human condition. I promise to try my hardest to remember these words and walk this way in life.
Thank you all for all you do to help.
May peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother.

lyle baxter

thank you ,rebecca, for sharing this letter! the writer is calm and very collected! A friend had told me that the people of Japan were strong and able to gather their wits and go on with life! that they would be very good at putting their lives in order again and this letter echos those thoughts. I suspect the person in the letter is a visitor but she surely understands her neighbors.


What a treasure this letter is...a look into the soul of the people.

My neighbor left last Thursday and is posting photos and information...it's important to have these touch stones.


This letter is stunning and truly eye-opening. The spirit of cooperation and oneness of their common effort is a wonder. The generousity shown here, the sharing of small bounties, is humbling.

Rebecca, may I share this letter at my site?


So touching and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.


Oh.wow. This is such a moving, beautiful letter, Rebecca. Wow.

Georgene Lockwood

Thanks so much for sharing that letter, Rebecca. This is what I'm hearing about the situation there (a friend's parents live in Tokyo and he says much the same) and yet it is completely under-reported. Too bad, since good news is so scarce. We have much to learn from and rejoice in when we look at the behavior of the Japanese people.

Again, thanks for letting us in on the "secret" of good people behaving well in bad times. It gives us all hope, seems to me.


Oh Rebecca. I have not read a letter such as this since I read the diary of Ann Frank years ago. The condition of things is so grim and yet she finds beauty and community all around her. She has an innocence of spirit and a heart and passion for helping others. She maintains hope. She does remind me of Anne. What an amazing culture these wonderful people live in and what we can learn from them. How can we not continue to do all that we can?? Are we not all One? Thank you dear Rebecca for this lovely letter. I will link it to my post.


This is so beautiful, grace-full, touching, humbling to read.


Wow. That's amazing. I was just listening to a Japanese Buddhist on the radio, talking about why most Japanese are resigned to what has happened and don't curse the Creator, etc. It is, he said, because Buddhists believe, primarily, in impermanence, and that this earthquake just "happened" --

kiralık devremülkler

thank you. i love to read this type of information posts. again thank you...


how those words have bouyed me up when it is they who need the life line...thank you for sharing the light, rebecca

Ms. Moon

Yes. Thank-you for sharing that. Amazing.
I know a small taste of that feeling from when hurricanes have swept through our part of the world leaving us without power and with our lives torn apart by winds and rain. Not, thank god, by the splitting apart of the earth, though.
But yes, people come together and help each other and there are so many more stars at night.

Kim Mailhot

This letter makes me weep with its beauty and love-filled message. Thank you for sharing this with us, Beautiful Heart.


This is a very very touching and beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

Amazing. Uplifting. Soulful.

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca for sharing such a wonderful and touching letter..

You know Rebecca.. for a couple of years now I have stuck a paper on the wall of my office with the words:

Something Wonderful is Happening..

Nothing else.. I don't know but looking at life the way it flows and the happenings around..I am convinced that everything is happening for evolutions, for enhancement, for betterment... nature won't let anything happen for the larger bad.. things have to be happening for some larger good for humanity.. lessons and lessons.. man would keep on getting opportunity to learn fromhappenings.. if we learn well and good else nature will find a way to teach..

My prayers for the friends in Japan.. and for that matter for each one of us.. we continue to have quakes of varied intensitiy in our inner spaces...may they stop and may be all get illumined with light of wisdom.. God bless..

And one more thing for honoring me to get connected with my page



This light, this letter like this blog is absolutely amazing. I hope you don't mind if I direct friends to come here to read this. What a surprising source of 'just what the doctor ordered' and more!
Much love to you!


Hello Rebecca,
This is such a beautiful letter from a stable well balanced personality!! She seems to have taken everything in her stride, as the will of God and surging ahead with the rest around her!! Totally agree with RS that whatever is happening is all part of a larger picture that is bringing people and Nations nearer!!
The world has just had a view of what little consequence material wealth is, it is humanity and love for one another that finally reigns supreme!!
The Japanese people have handled these multiple disasters with so much calm and grace, in such a violently disturbing situation.
I have read about Shelterbox and the great service that they are involved in for people spanning around the globe!!
Blessed and praise be to them for their high standards of humanity, care, and dignity they provide.



your friend's experience reminds me of how it was to be in new york city after 9/11. people really do rise up when they are reminded that we are in this together.

thank you for sharing. i love you so.


ms pie

thank you for posting this most beautiful humbling correspondence... words cannot contain the beauty of the people of japan

Nancy Norton

Yes! Wonderful letter and perspective from inside Japan. Thanks for sharing it, Rebecca. x0 N2

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