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March 29, 2011


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lyle baxter

so glad you are back! hope you have recovered from the journey! thats a long one! we all will be pleased to hear of your adventures! I just recieved a copy of a book if you dont have you should! its amazing! "Nicholas Herrera Visions of My Heart" by awalt and rhetts. I'm drooling and I suppose he is old stuff to you! happy spring, lyle

Georgene Lockwood

Welcome home to SPRING! My apricots and peaches have been blooming. Onions are up. Chives, oregano, sage and lavender lookin' good. The seeds are started in flats and I put in some asparagus, garlic and horseradish. Now for the raspberry and blackberry canes! I LOVE SPRING!!!!


So much beauty -- it's almost overwhelming.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Welcome HOME SWEET HOME Rebecca! My violets appeared!!!and some daffodils too!


Welcome home. beautiful photos and words.

Ms. Moon

We're so glad you're back. May you have many, many flowers. Too many to hold.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Bienvenido a su casa!

Dawn Elliott

It's good to know that you're safely home, in the loving and bountiful bosom of springtime. More flowers to come!

Karen Gerstenberger

Welcome home! I can't wait to read all about your trip.


It is so good to be home from a long trip isn't it? Hope you are enjoying the comfort there.


I just asked Meri this morning, "Where is our rebecca?" I missed you so! I hope that your trip was incredibly successful and fulfilling for you. I am looking forward to hearing all about it. I hope you get some much needed rest! I love your post. It is so peaceful and beautiful, full of warmth and sunshine. Lovely.
Happy Spring!

Miss Robyn

missed you xoxo enjoy that gorgeous spring time.. let your soul soak it up xo

Sue fox

We all missed you!
Glad you're back safe and sound,
have a lovely day, take your time catching up!

Loving you always,

Sue x


Welcome back! And thank you so much for linking up your gorgeous pictures for Garden Tuesday!


Good to see you are home. I so long for your Spring. Send me some, just a little bit, we're still rather cool with snow on the ground! I should have stayed down that way a few more weeks!
Hope all is good with you.



I like that - armfulls of spring. Hugging the sunlight, after the winter's somberness, is filled with renewal.


welcome home!!


gorgeous daffodils!
i've always loved coming home

Margaret Pangert

Hi Rebecca~ Ah, to come home to cherry blossoms and daffodils under the auspices, serenity, and peace of Our Lady. I know that your words made a difference.

Ramesh Sood

Welcome back home.. you were missed here at this home in this space.. my haikus even if they paint a happy picture are feeling sad.. as you are yet to say a hello to them.. well the pictures are so fresh and beautiful.. happiness blooms..

Gloria Y

Waking up to visions of beauty, thanks to you!
Welcome home, Rebecca :)

John McElveen

Breathtaking!!! Glad you are back!


so beautiful and uplifting. happy spring


I am so glad you are back..
I hope everything was glorious.
And the flowers...


What ARE those gorgeous pink tree blooms? And I must confess to daffodil envy... we can't grow them here and I miss them so... and lilacs, too.

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