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January 04, 2011


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Miss Robyn

oh you are simply the best in what you say and what you discover and share.. isn't it wonderful how words and art can capture the soul .. surely that is a prayer?

ps - I have my daughters paint brushes left over from her high school.. I have lots of cheap bits for my art too.. nothing wrong with that :)

I am off to see this link.. might join in!


What wonderful faces you have created and looked at Cathy's wee heads, they are gorgeous. Such talent.

Sue fox

I have all the different types of paper and paint but my drawings would not turn out like this!!!! (((FABULOUS)))

Sue x

Ms. Moon

I love this! Oh, Rebecca- what an amazing deviation and leap and joy!

lyle baxter

your face is very attractive, but looks a bit aggrevated to me! do you suppose it's because she has no gouche? have fun and show us, please, how you progress!

deb taylor

Oh Rebecca, you wreck me once again with your amazing talents unfolding here...and oh how we are walking the same path of "free-falling, beginning and letting go" Please keep painting Sista....the basic ingredients are perfect...all ya need is brown paper bags and plenty of time...FREE FALL FOREVER!!


Wow. Awesome link and your painting! Wow! I think I type "wow" at least once on your blog every single day --

Kim Mailhot

Oh, get thee the needed supplies or use what you have. You are meant to paint and play this way!
Hugs to you, Free Falling Soul !

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Yep! I've been to Cathy's more than once and now all those paperclay heads! Phew! I do want to try paperclay! LOVE your paperbag painting!!!YOU must keep it up!!


I like it very much Rebecca. Such an intense look in the eyes.You paint well my dear. :) I think you will be hooked.:)


For "not knowing how" to paint... this painting is pretty dang good! Love the black and white on the brown paper... very nice work...


Dear Rebecca,
Every one knows how to paint, but some people forget the know.
You just proved that to me!



I absolutely adored following this. The faces are so expressive. I love that it is a follow up from your ecstasy post. These faces speak to me. They really do!


Keep on painting, Rebecca! You are GOOD! I really, really like this painting. This is something that I would frame and hang on my wall.

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