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December 02, 2010


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Ms. Moon

Yes. I can imagine. I want to go there. To the basilica and also, to Frida's house- another sacred shrine. I feel certain you have been there too.
This was beautiful. As are you.

Molokai Girl

Wow-that's a hard act to follow! What an amazing journey and story. Like a fairy tale in my eyes. And, what an beautiful memory of something shared with your mother.
I am in awe...


You lead us right along with you and your beautifuly story.

I feel so fortunate to have been told this story by candlelight...and hold that memory dear.


Sue fox

Dear Rebecca,

I posted about my mother and father today, my father could always lead me to the most fascinating places with his bedtime stories.

Now you take me to beautiful lands that I've little knowledge of, your words transport me there, feeling like I'm right there beside you and the beautiful rose petals.

Your memory moves me,

love Sue x


Is there anything better than these moments of awe? They transport us outside time, to a place inhabited by soul. This is the meaning of magic.


Why is it that every time I try to go to Melanie's site I get a warning that it's a suspected phishing site? That happened last wee too.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

mmMMMMM! YOU can't beat 20 pesos for a dream and one shared with your mother!!!I smell the roses!!!and thank YOU for sharing such a SWEET memory!

Kay Dennison

I love the Basilica and want to go back!! It's a powerful experience.

deb taylor

I am motionless as I read your story again. Thank you for causing us all to pause.


Your memory of this deeply reflective pilgrimage to the heart of Mexico, taken with your mother is so lovingly told. Your description of the statue of Juan Diego reminds me of the statue of St. Peter in the Vatican in Rome. His toe and been kissed so many times that it has been worn down to a nail. The image of having one's face kissed with prayer-infused roses is so lovely. Your description of the bus ride brought it alive in my mind. The deeply spiritual meaning of the place and the feast days was yours, despite the modern accoutrements that had been added to the basilica. Thank you for sharing such a lovely memory with us. I have participated today. I had a different photo originally but then realized it was an annunciation picture that was not allowed to be used due to copyright, so I used another that I was going to use at a later date that is equally lovely, but the baby is already there! I suppose it makes sense since he came without much warning anyway (smile).


Beautifully written, Rebecca. Your words are always so visually inspiring.

I don't know much about Catholicism and Mexico and find it interesting to read about both here on your blog. What a fascinating trip you and your mother shared.


What a beautiful story! Also, I love your "Virgen A Day". I might not be able to post on the daily, but you have given me great inspiration to dedicate my next blog to my favorite Saint!


Karen Gerstenberger

Thank you for taking me with you and your mother on this sacred journey. I would love to go on such a pilgrimage. The Catholic cathedrals and rituals are infused with Spirit and wonder, and they help us to experience the Holy in ways that the modern world will lose, if we do not participate. I think one doesn't have to be Catholic to be blessed by the gifts of the faith.
Thank you again.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I loved the story of your visit with your mother to the basilica. It was 1979 when I visited with my husband and it was an incredibly moving experience--but, I wasn't as in tune then with the sacred feminine as I am now.

What I remember most was seeing the people down on their knees crawling step by step up to the altar.

Laurie Zuckerman

This is a stunning photograph, Rebecca. I've never been to the Basilica or any part of Mexico City. Not yet!

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