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July 15, 2010


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What an honor, to be first. I worked on this post Wednesday in anticipation. I love the chance to be poetic here at you place.
Your haiku made the avatar speak.


abi monroe

Hey! Spadoman... you pinched my spot!!! LOL (just teasing) It's all Rebeccas fault for arguing with google :O)

Rebecca... I think I avoided all words con-fus-ing :O)

Love ya xx


and I thought I was early...hahahah



A very beautiful haiku Rebecca. I am entangled in 'one hundred reckless tangles' and 'soft summer moon'.


Stars shivering.
Who lights them must have
a trembling hand.


Beautiful! I wish I had hair that long to comb by the light of the moon. Happy Friday Rebecca!

deb taylor

I am tangled up in blue, with you Rebecca! Come feel my heat.

Ms. Moon

Oh Rebecca- I had such a hard time this week with such hundreds of tangles in my mind. But I needed to do it. Thank-you.


I like it! I'm reading Shanghai Girls now. Your word remind me of this book.
Hope you have a great day and fill your mind with many more amazing Haiku to share with the world.



I am in love with your second line- 100 reckless tangles- so beautifully messy and complicated.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

It seems like maybe MORE LOVE after all those tangles!!! hehe LOVE the summer moon!!! Makes me want to HOWL!

kim andersen

happy birthday to Christina :)

alas - my tangle days are behind me - now a carefree wash and go life is the one I hope to lead :)

jabblog uk

She doesn't notice the tangles - love is all.


I used a picture of one of my granddaughters.



Having recently cut my very long hair, I can appreciate the tangles, ha. Seriously, this is gentle, lovely and, as someone else said, (delightfully) messy.




As always, gorgeous!


Yours is elegant
mine harsh, so lacking in grace
but here 'tis anyway.


Love that print and haiku!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Delicate haiku, Rebecca!

I wish I could join you, but alas! I have agonizingly slow wireless connectivity in Puerto Vallarta, preventing me from uploading photos. I'll probably have to wait until vacation's over to participate again.

Great big **sigh**



Magical Mystical Teacher

Aha! Looks like I finally succeeded! :-)


what a fantastic post!
you get a 10 for originality!
same for beauty.

one love.


lovely haikus this week - something i look forward to each friday!

elizabeth bunsen

late - as usual?
picnic with me at the beach
cool grays, rock, water...

xox - eb.


oh, my friend.
you made me smile, no beam with love. ; )
thank you. you mean the world to me.

abi monroe

Thank you Rebecca :O) hey.. I read on a Haiku follower's blog that there is a traditional/non-traditional Haiku.... so what exactly am I doing?(neither probably!LOL) tee hee.... what's the difference?


Oh so lovely, yours and Christina's.
**swoons** Apologies for not joining in. Have been packing my daughter-in-law for her move to Fort Hood, million degree heat and THREE flights of stairs. My Haiku would have been something along the lines of

Oh my aching thighs,
singing in the key of E,
please be the last box.

**blows kisses** Deb


This is a beautiful post ... I love the hundred tangles ...

deb @talk at the table

Rebecca , this is gorgeous, words and photo,
the gifts piled on by all of these beautiful souls. Looking forward to checking their offerings.
And I just met Christina this week, what a soul indeed.
( sorry for the belated visit, most days of summer find me at soccer fields. )

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