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July 08, 2010


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Uma Gowrishankar

Good morning Rebecca. I love your haiku, what a pleasure it is to read such beautiful poetry so early in the day (it's pre dawn time here in India).


What a fabulous photo, and your words are like honey. **blows kisses** Deb


what a beautiful flower. Love your haiku and your beautiful Haiku my heart!

deb taylor

come walk with me in my morning garden


I love yours this week -- sigh. I love each one every week. And you've totally snared me, Rebecca! I confess to not particularly liking haiku and now finding myself chomping at the bit to take some small experience, find a photo and go at it.


you must get to a library
or a bookstore
and find--->

zen ties
by jon j muth

do you know it?

a panda bear speaks in haiku...
art is amazing
i can guarantee you will thank me



I love the photo. The edges are so sharp and in focus, yet the whole vision is soft. Maybe your words made it soft and soothing. Probably the words, they are beautiful.


Ms. Moon

I haikued my heart
This morning and do you know?
It brought my heart peace.


Beautiful Rebecca! There are just hundreds of bees around at the moment which is so lovely to see!


More Haiku for YOU...



Beautiful, dreamy romance in your haiku!

Mr Linky message - down for emergency maintenance! So I will have to post mine here for now!



Back again Rebecca ~
I think you saw my next post on my blog, not the one called Fairy Wells for your meme - as per the link above!
No matter! There was a haiku both posts!

Have a great weekend!


What a beautiful flower and lovely haiku. I am so into red these days. I have mine up!



Ah, sunflowers and sweet, summer love.... so beautiful. The epitome of the season. Pass the lemonade, please....

Awaiting Mr. Linky's return. Meanwhile: http://paper-n-soul.blogspot.com/2010/07/haiku-my-heart_09.html

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I was thinking last week how we bloggers pollinate each others Blogs as we travel from one to the other and I knew we were on the same wave length!! hehe Beautiful haiku Rebecca!and here's to MOST beautiful dreams!


beautiful words and photo

Brenda Seaholm Wampler

Love, love your photo, yet again.
Haiku to you!


Hi Rebecca, and thank you! It is called a Bamboo pen and is by wacom. I got mine from Amazon. There are all sorts of writing/drawing tablets, some very expensive. This is at the cheaper end-£45 and is great. It had good reviews. It is funny that it has such a lovely natural name when it is sleek black plastic. It installed easily, though I had trouble registering it as I couldn't find the code number they needed. Other than that though it has been easy to use. When you are setting it up, you are given a choice of which way to orient it-left or right handed. It sits in front of the keyboard and is about 10x7 inches. The pen is nice to hold. I will do a link tomorrow to it. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

abi monroe

Hi Rebecca... how are you? I'm sorry,I missed your haiku this week..Jesse and I drove to Oklahoma to view a house... just waiting to see if our offer is accepted. The house was a foreclosure, and I feel desperately sorry for the previous owners. It must be such an awful thing to be put through. We will be moving in a couple of months if it all goes through... so exciting!
I hope all is well with you and yours.
Abi x

elizabeth bunsen

random beach rock held
probably first time ever
likely not again...

xox - eb.

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