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July 21, 2009


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elizabeth bunsen

oh sweet darling sister
I am ready
ready to create
I am envisioning
new shrines
the wheel of love
is turning
and my heart
is like a ripening mango...

xox - eb.


Hi, just passing by via yoli's blog. I was checking out those cigar box shrines. Are they actually cigar boxes? Very nice work.


I am honored! to take part again in your heARTfelt efforts. Your vision has had a real impact on these little lives. This coming together to help build and nurture.

We will be in touch...


Monica Magness

YES! let's join hands
and CREATE memories & opportunities for these
children! My heart is 100%

Lee Anne "Nikki"

Rebecca....I am Feeling the Love!


Brilliant ... I'm sooooo there.


me too


stopping by from stephaines... is there one particular shoe box you use or can smaller items like altoid tins be used. Very interested in participating - but not sure of the details.

Barbara Hagerty

I got here via Ascender's facebook post, and would really love to participate! Please do post the details.

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